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Antique Georgian Earrings Ear Pendants Gold Silver Diamonds France 18C (6300)

Antique Georgian Earrings Ear Pendants Gold Silver Diamonds France 18C (6300)

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Antique Georgian earrings ear pendants. Silver over gold and diamonds. French Provincial, XVIII Century.

Measurements: Length (5.5cm) not including the wires. Combined weight exactly 10.0 grams.

Description: Marvellous earrings made of openwork silver over gold, the metal pulled over rose cut diamonds and a central gold linear frame. There are two main sections: the tops or surmounts are diamond-shaped. In the center is a relatively large rosecut diamond surrounded by an openwork border of similarly set diamonds that seems to float around the center. A pair of diamonds connected by loops on either side of the surmount sway in every direction. Loops connect the drops, which are elongated kite shapes of a similar openwork design to that of the top, but with a solid gold inner border. Again, the parts seem to float independantly of each other. The central diamond of this section is also connected to the main structure via loops, so that it too swings independantly. A bottom fringe of three more rose cut diamonds suspended from loops tremble and swing as the wearer moves.

The solid gold wires go through the ears from back to front as was the system used universally to the end of the 19th century. Also typical of the 18th century are loops on the backs of the wires. Ribbons or chains would be attached to these and they would be tied to the hair, helping to support the weight of the earrings (which could be very large in some cases).

Metal is pulled over the diamonds, which is the way jewelry was set during most of the 18th century. The folds and 'rivets' in the metal are typical of jewelry from the Arles and Provence regions.

These earrings are as wearable today and will look just as fabulous, as they did 200 years ago. It is extremely rare to find French provincial jewelry, in particular earrings, as the women from these areas seldom sell their family heirlooms.

Marks: There are no marks on the metal, as is to be expected of jewelry of this age. Gold was acid tested and stays for at least 14k.

Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age. The previous owner cleaned the earrings a bit too zealously for our taste, but it does add sparkle. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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