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Antique Georgian Earrings Amethyst Pearls 15ct Gold Drop Earrings (5381)

Antique Georgian Earrings Amethyst Pearls 15ct Gold Drop Earrings (5381)

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Antique Georgian earrings. 15ct gold, amethyst and pearls. Made circa 1820. English.

Measurements: Drop approximately 21mm long; Surmount and drop approximately 28mm (not including the wires); amethysts approximately 15X12mm. Note, ruler in 'photos are in inches. Combined weight 14.2grams.

Large, round-ovals, gently faceted and gold backed amethysts. The color ranges from light to deep pink with purple overtones (or purple with pink overtones?). Colette set with tri-foliate pinched gold surround and this in turn surrounded by a border of pearls, set back and also enclosed in a gold Colette setting. The small surmount is a pearl in a similar gold setting, joined to the drop by a series of links. The links allow full and free movement so that the earrings swing as the wearer moves. Simple gold wires are easy to insert and comfortable to wear. Backs are entirely enclosed in gold, typical of Georgian jewelry. Beautifully made and lovely workmanship. The color combination of pearly white - pinky-purple against gold is stunning.

Marks: no marks, as is to be expected of jewelry from this period.

Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age.

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