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Antique Georgian brooch dog 18k gold French Charles X Bull Terrier(7314)

Antique Georgian brooch dog 18k gold French Charles X Bull Terrier(7314)

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Antique Georgian Charles X brooch. 18k gold with a silver collar. Made in Paris, France, circa 1819-1838, during the reign of Charles X. Brooch is suitable for a man or a woman

Measurements: Weight is 10.8 grams. Approximately 1 inch (25mm) long.

Description : Made during the reign of Charles X, who ruled France during the 1820's. He was the younger brother of the Bourbon kings Louis XVI (beheaded during the revolution) and Louis XVIII, who came to power after Napoleon Bonaparte's demise.
This dog is a wonderful piece of wearable sculpture. Very solidly rendered in 18k gold. Superbly rendered so that we can see the musculature and skeletron, with a strong feeling of impending movement as the dog stands in a semi-crouch, ready to jump - we hope at play. He wears a sturdy silver collar around his neck, with tiny details and beading in concentric rings. Short raised tail.
The face is a marvel of animation and expression. We can't help be curious about who stood in front of this animal.

Here is a totally professional description of the dog by a very experienced and knowledgeable vet:
Short, powerful legs; Fighting pose; Square muzzle and head; Cropped ears; Wide set eyes; Short hair. Maybe a Staffordshire bull terrier? Whatever the breed, he was clearly a very special dog to have a golden statue / brooch made in his image.

The luxurious quality of workmanship is reflected in the front and back of the brooch: it is thoroughly depicted in the round, unlike most brooches which are flat and un-detailed in the parts that the eye doesn't see.
This is a fabulous brooch for any lover of animals and is suitable for any person regardless of age or gender.

Marks and Metal: Mark on c-clasp is rams head facing left, which is called 'belier' in French and was used 1819 - 1838. The mark on the pin is not quite legible and looks more like the eagle head mark (also for 18k gold).

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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