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Antique Georgian Bracelet Wedgwood Jasper Plaques Cut Steel Gold 1770-90 (5441)

Antique Georgian Bracelet Wedgwood Jasper Plaques Cut Steel Gold 1770-90 (5441)

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Antique Georgian bracelet. Cut steel, low grade 9ct gold, Wedgwood porcelain jasper plaques. Made in England circa 1770-1890.  Bought in Paris.  

Measurements: length approx 18.5cm; Plaques approx 1 3/4 cm long; Weighs 13.7 grams.  

The bracelet is composed of jasper plaques in blue and white connected via triple cut steel beaded chains. The plaques are set in low grade gold mounts. They depict various Classic mythological scenes including a putto riding a dolphin, a bull, a group of cherubs playing music, a hound killing a boar, a hunting dog, cherubs in a pagoda. The tongue in groove clasp is also set with a plaque. It is possible that originally, the jasper plaques were connected via pearls or another metal/gem, but after about 200 years, it is realistic to expect minor alterations to parts that would not last in good condition.   

Marks: no marks found on any part of the bracelet. This is quite common for pieces of this age. Various items of jewelry mentioned in Robin Riley's book on Wedgwood, dating from this era, are also unmarked. Unmarked metal, especially of this grade is typical of the era.  

Condition: considering it's age and delicacy, the bracelet is in remarkable condition. There are tiny firing cracks in some of the plaques (original to the jasper), but no damage (see 'photos).

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