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Antique Georgian Bracelet Bangle 18k Gold Carnelian French Charles X (6950)

Antique Georgian Bracelet Bangle 18k Gold Carnelian French Charles X (6950)

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Antique Georgian bracelet. 18k gold and carnelian. Made in France 1819 - 1838 (during the reigns of Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe.)

Measurements: Weight is 53.6 grams. Length is slightly under 7 inches (18cm).

Description : Composed of alternating lines of carnelian and gold stations. The long, rectangular carnelians with rounded ends are gently faceted and almost rounded on top. At either end of the carnelians is a trefoil terminal, composed of scrolling gold, 3 golden globules/spheres and held together, like a boquet of flowers or fleur de lis, by a double ridged rope or band of gold. The alternating stations like Renaissance maces - long spikes of gold, ending on either side in a gently rounded arrow-shape. Sections are linked via tiny gold chains. The clasp is a large oval carnelian mounted in gold and adorned with a scrolling gold design of filigree and granulation. Parts of gold on clasp are of a redder color than the rest of the gold, including the mounts and adornment of the clasp, which are more yellow. Carnelians are held by shell-shaped, broad bands of gold.

Carnelian is well-matched and of a wonderful quality. It has a slight translucency, allowing some light to pass through it, imparting a golden glow to the soft orange tone. Clasp is broad, easy to insert and secure.

Marks and Metal: Back of oval has Ram's head facing left, the mark used in France for 18k gold 1819-1838. Marks on the clasp are illegible (might be overstruck ram's head).

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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