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Antique Georgian 18k Filigre Gold Cross Crucifix Pendant French Unisex (7032)

Antique Georgian 18k Filigre Gold Cross Crucifix Pendant French Unisex (7032)

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Antique Georgian Directoire cross crucifix pendant. 18k gold. Made 1798-1809, known as Boulonnaise for the Northern coastal area of France. Unisex - suitable for a man or a woman.

Measurements: Weight is 7.3 grams. Length approximately 2 3/8 inches (6cm).

Description : A large gold crucifix cross, beautifully made nearly 250 years ago in France. Various levels, including a ground composed of fine gold filigree wires, tightly coiled in circles of various sizes, creating the general kite shape. 4 corner points are embellished wth gold shell shapes with finely ridged surfaces. A flower on the top connects to an integral loup and another, larger loop to hold a larger chain. A similar integral loup at the pointed bottom connects to a link with a gold globe dangle that moves independently of the cross. The center with a raised Latin cross with engraved detail, including the name INRI. The corpus on top in the form of Jesus on thecross with outstretched arms and hanging legs is fantastically modelled with very fine anatomical detail. A halo is engraved on the background behind his head. Very good quality workmanship from the fine gold filigree to the modelling of the figure. Wearable today for either a man or a woman of any age.

Marks and Metal: Loop at bottom of cross connecting the dangle drop is hallmarked with the French cockerel mark (coq) indicating 1790-1809. The large mark on the back of the cross, the size typical of early pieces, is a lozenge with the maker - includes an H.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.   

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