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Antique French Georgian Earrings Pendeloque Ear Drops Gold Garnets (5446)

Antique French Georgian Earrings Pendeloque Ear Drops Gold Garnets (5446)

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Antique earrings. 18k yellow gold and garnets. Made in France, 18th century. Measurements: approximately 5cm / 2 7/8 inches long. Ruler in 'photos in inches. Weigh 13.8 grams.

Very long, pendant earrings. Two main sections: The upper section, like all pendeloques is in the form of a box. Ring loops suspend a raindrop shaped drop, with another, smaller within it and a middle line in the center. The entire surface is tightly set with magnificent deep red garnets that range from dark, velvety red to flashes of ruby red as the light catches them. Garnets are entirely enclosed in gold at the back, as is to be expected of earrings from the Georgian era. Beautifully made. Each part of the suspended bottom section swings and sways independently, as the wearer moves.

Marks: none, as to be expected. Gold acid tested for 18k, which is the French standard.

Condition: as can be seen in the 'photos, The backs have a few small signs of soldering where the earrings have been worked on a long time ago. As with most earrings of this age, The wires are probably replacements - making it much easier for us to wear.

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