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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Exceptional 3 colored Bohemian Glass Goblet (2377)

Antique Exceptional 3 colored Bohemian Glass Goblet (2377)

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Exceptional Moser goblet red and amber cut to clear and finely engraved.

Late 19th - early 20th century.

6 1/2inches high.

Base is ruby red cased glass, cut along the rim into long ovals.

The shortish neck, also in ruby cased glass is faceted and cut away to leave only slim elegant red stripes on the corners of the facets.

The body of the goblet is pear shaped.

The bottom half is also ruby red, while the top is amber and red.

Both are deeply cut in swags and leaf-shapes.

The deep cutting separates the red part of the body into 5 distinct sections, each magnificently engraved with a rose and floral decoration stretching like wings to emulate the shape of the cuts.

The amber section of the vase has been cut away to form 5 ruby red medallions, each with an engraved outline and super-fine engraving in the center.

One medallion depicts a bird, another a snake, one some kind of temple, one a harp and one a cornucopia.

The amber glass inbetween is wonderfully engraved with various flowers and foliage.

The quality of the work is outstanding all round.

Condition is MINT.

No damage of any kind.

Items like this are exceedingly rare to find.
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