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Antique engraved Sterling Silver Card Case Birmingham (3712)

Antique engraved Sterling Silver Card Case Birmingham (3712)

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Antique engraved sterling silver card case. 
Made in Birmingham, England, 1871.
Possibly made by Nathaniel Mills.

Measures a little over 4 X 2 3/4 inches. Weighs 60 grams.

Rectangular shape with scalloped, curling sides. 
Hinged lid.

The entire surface top and bottom is magnificently hand engraved: a central circle with space for a monogram (not used) surrounded by an inverted scallope border bright cut crescent moons and concentric rings.

Around this is a mass of flowers and foliage - very beautifully done with incredibly fine detail.

Borders are overlapping knots and curls with a slightly Celtic look.

Quality of artistic design and technical mastery is superb.

Hallmark on inside lip : W (date mark); anchor (Birmingham); lion (for sterling); Queen Victorian looking left and maker's mark, worn on the left part, but clearly M on the right - possibly the mark of Nathaniel Mills.

Condition: There is a fine split, approx 1cm long, on the join on the side in front of the lid (see 'photos) - not noticeable unless you are looking for it.

No dings/dents.

After writing my description, I had the following email: Hi Just for your information, NM was registered in Birmingham between 1826 & 1857.

So the maker of this card case can't be N Mills.

The maker is most probabely F.

M[Frederick Marson] who was registered in Birmingham between 1847 & 1896 and well known for making card case.

Hope that was helpful.

Regards- nanixf
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