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Antique Edwardian Pendant Necklace 18k Gold Peridot Pearls w Appraisal (6891)

Antique Edwardian Pendant Necklace 18k Gold Peridot Pearls w Appraisal (6891)

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Antique Edwardian lavalier pendant necklace. 18k yellow gold, peridot and natural pearls. Made circa 1900 - 1910 in England.

Measurements: 7.15ct Peridot. Weight is 7.0 grams. Length approximately 15 1/2 inches (39cm) and drop is 4 cm.

Description : Triple drop lavalier. The yellow gold chain set with small oval pearls in the front. 11 Pearls appraised as natural are small, but well matched and with a very pretty lustre. They lead to a central, triple drop consisting of a trio of wonderful bright green peridot, rectangular in shape with canted corners and step cut. Stones are clear and lovely with great play of color. The upper peridot with small pearls at the cardinal points, and then small pearls that seperate each successive peridot drop. Very well made and striking piece of jewelry suitable to wear for any occasion and will add life and sparkle to any woman's attire.

Marks and Metal: No marks. We acid tested the gold of the lavalier to ensure metal purity.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. Independent Appraisal for $6500.00 available to new owner.

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