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Antique Edwardian Pair Brooches 14k Gold Pearls Amethyst Citrine SOLINGER (6853)

Antique Edwardian Pair Brooches 14k Gold Pearls Amethyst Citrine SOLINGER (6853)

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Antique Edwardian Late Victorian Pair Brooches. 14k gold, pearls, citrine and amethyst. Made first decade of the 20th century by J. Solinger in Providence, Rhode Island.


Measurements: Combined weight is 11.2 grams. Width of each brooch is a little over 1 inch (3cm).


Description : A pair of oval brooches. The center of each is set with a large semi-precious gem: a citrine in one and an amethyst in the other. The colors are fabulous - a mysterious almost smoky gold for the citrine and a deep purple that can proudly call itself a Siberian amethyst due to it's wonderful color. Set slightly above the surrounding borders and contained in simple gold collettes.


The borders are true works of art. They consist of a ring of openwork foliage, the left mirroring the right with pearls set at the cardinal points. The foliage is set with minute pearls. Around this is a narrower, outer border consisting of a solid gold ring set with equally tiny pearls. The workmanship in this setting is astonishing. It must have taken tremendous talent to make such a finely detailed setting.


Materials and workmanship are of the highest standard. The fineness of the pearl setting is quite exquisite. It is quite amazing to find such fine setting as the pearls in these brooches in such good condition. The pearls are wonderfully offset and contrasted by the central gems. It is a great feat of balance to match the fine, delicate outer areas to the bold and striking center.


The brooches may or may not have begun as a pair, but the contrast between the amethyst and citrine is so stunning, they play so well off each other that it would be a pity not to enjoy them together as a particularly eye-catching combination.


Original clasps in good working order.


Marks and Metal: Clasps are both hallmarked with 14k and the J. Solinger


Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


J. Solinger & Company, Providence, Rhode Island circa 1904, formerly Schwartzkoph & Solinger. 

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