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Antique Earrings Enormous Gold Disks w attached Golden Globes India (6441)

Antique Earrings Enormous Gold Disks w attached Golden Globes India (6441)

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Antique earrings. 14k gold. Made in Gujerat, India early 20th century.

Measurements: Approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter (more than 4cm). 7/8 inch wide. Weigh 25.6 grams.

Description : Earrings that can be seen as both a form of sculpture and personal adornment. Looking much like large spools, the earrings consist of a wide band of repousse textured gold with flattened borders at right angles to the circles of gold. Double bands of repousse beading on the borders. The surface of the gold ribbons is further embellished with clusters of golden balls or globes, some with tiny clusters of granulation on their edges. These earrings really make a statement. Very very rich. Known in Gujerat as Suluva, these earrings were worn by the Rabari of Dwarka women. Originally, women would wear these in vastly distended ear lobes, not suitable for most modern women. Amazingly, as though these enormous earrings weren't enough, they were worn in conjunction with more ear ornaments higher up on the ear. Indian jewellers have found an elegant solution that allows the earrings to be worn by modern women without compromising the original earrings' form: fine gold wires have been threaded through the ends of the earrings and ear wires attached to them. These ear wires are fine enough for anyone with pierced ears to wear. (see pictures). When we consider that a woman's jewelry was her bank, we know that the previous owners of these earrings was a woman of means.

Marks: As is to be expected of antique Indian earrings, there are no marks. We acid tested the gold, which stays for at least 14k.

Condition: Good with minor wear and small dings commensurate with age and wear. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

Reference: Waltraud Ganguly's book on Earrings.

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