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Antique Georgian Earrings Banded Agate 14k Gold Cannetille (4282)

Antique Georgian Earrings Banded Agate 14k Gold Cannetille (4282)

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Antique earrings made of 14 carat gold and banded agate. Made during the Georgian era, circa 1820.

Measure a tad under 3 inches long, not including the earwires. Weigh 20 grams.

Exceptionally lovely, elegant pair of earrings. The finest cannetille wire-work in bright 14 carat gold, finely wound cones, scrolls and loops form the mount. Unusual to find faceted hardstone of this period, this is fabulous banded agate in rich brown marbled with shades of white. The earrings fan out from top to bottom, with the narrow, top end with Colette-set round gems. The Colettes with scallops and serrated tops. A long agate drop is suspended in the middle of the cannettile work as are 3 round agate beads at the bottom. All of these, attached via loops and decorative tops and bottoms in gold, with a generous swing as the wearer moves. The loops that go through the ears are probably replacements, but are extremely comfortable and easy to insert.

Earrings are in exceptional condition considering their age and their delicate nature.

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