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Antique Early Victorian Earrings Ear Pendants 14k Gold Diamonds Emeralds (6500)

Antique Early Victorian Earrings Ear Pendants 14k Gold Diamonds Emeralds (6500)

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Antique very early Victorian earrings ear pendants. 14k gold, diamonds and emeralds. Made circa 1840 .

Measurements: approximately 1 5/8 inch (4.25cm) long, not including the wires. Weigh 5.3 grams.

Description : Fine, elegant, sophisticated, long ear pendants. Combination of diamonds and emeralds set in yellow gold. Round emerald surmounts suspend the long drops which will swing and sway as the wearer moves. Despite their narrow design, movement will draw attention and make a subtle statement of gleaming gems and soft green color. The linear drops widen slightly towards the bottom, symbolically following a torpedo form, created entirely of gems. Very finely and beautifully made. Gorgeous looking and easy to wear.

Marks: No marks, typical of earrings of this age. Gold was acid tested to ensure metal purity.

Condition: minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


Going back so far in history really stretches our minds. To think that almost a dozen generations of women have enjoyed these earrings! Who were they? Can we imagine the homes and life-styles they lived? The original owner was almost certainly a lady of the very upper classes. Not everyone could afford a pair of earrings like this. She was also a cultured woman, or at least, her husband/lover was educated and artistically literate. At that time, most jewelry was given as gifts, either from a man to his wife, or to his mistress. To appreciate and purchase these earrings, the gentleman in question must have had exquisite taste, so his lady love must have been quite a beauty too. Imagine these earrings worn in candle light, swinging as they danced, a focus of fun in a world ruled by strict decorum.
Following the original owner, we must assume that the earrings were passed down from mother to daughter for almost 100 years. These earrings will continue to future generations and you will be the living link connecting those ladies of the past to those who are yet to come.

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