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Antique Dutch Delft Blue White Signed 1750 Toby Jug (2872)

Antique Dutch Delft Blue White Signed 1750 Toby Jug (2872)

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Exceptional Toby jug character in blue and white Delft.

Almost certainly made in the Netherlands.

Signed TSL and with number 1750.

approx 10 1/4inches high.

Sits on round base.

Boots, rolled/cuffed pants, a waist jacket under his coat and a nifty little tie over buttoned shirt.

In one hand he holds a sack or bag of money, while another is tucked under his right boot.

Clearly a man of means.

The surface is magnificently painted with flowers.

Fabulous detail.

The face is marvellous as well - from the sideburns to the detail of lips and ears.

Underneath, the piece is signed TSL and has number 1750.

Condition can only be considered very good considering the age of the piece.

There are a number of places (clearly shown in the 'photos), where the glaze has been worn off the porous ceramic, but there are no actual chips/cracks/restorations.

The significance of the 1750 underneath is not certain.

Some people have suggested it is the date the Toby was made.
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