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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Cranberry Ruby Glass Hanging Hall Lamp Brass (3652)

Antique Cranberry Ruby Glass Hanging Hall Lamp Brass (3652)

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Antique deep red, cranberry / ruby glass hall lamp with brass fittings.

19th century, circa 1880 - 1890's.

Measurements: The round ceiling attachment is 5 1/4 inches in diameter.

The top glass fitting is 6 inches in diameter.

The glass is approximately 8 inches in length.

The bottom fitting drops about 3 inches not including the loop and 5 inches including the loop.

Glass is a marvellous rich red colour and is folded in intervals of about an inch.

The gold-coloured metal fitting are probably brass and look to be entirely original.

On the bottom is a support with a ring and two decorated metal 'prongs' that extend inside the glass and are attached to two ends of the chains.

In this way, the lamp can be raised or lowered for changing oil or candles.

The bottom glass fitting is decorated with moulded and openwork decorations.

On the top is metal colllar with ruffled, openwork, flaring rim.

A pair of chains is attached to this.

There are a number of screws for tightening it to the glass.

Metal straps run down in decorated twists and turns from the collar.

They are further supported by a decorated metal band that runs around the circumference of the glass.

Decoration on these long bands is in the form of chased scrolls and foliage.

The long chains are attached to the ceiling by a round metal fitting, similarly decorated to the other metal parts.

It has a pair of pulleys for pulling on the chains.

One pulley has been replaced.

Condition of all parts is very good.
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