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Antique Chinese Ming Dynasty Sculpture Ceramic Buddha (4302)

Antique Chinese Ming Dynasty Sculpture Ceramic Buddha (4302)

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Guarranteed authentic: Antique Sancai-glazed figure of Buddha.

Made in China, during the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644.

Measures approx 9 3/4 iches (24cm) high.

Seated on a rounded rectangular base, modelled like a stone wall.

The Buddha sits cross-legged on a lotus throne with beautifully draped robes, forming sinuous patterns.

Crossed hands with great charm to the individually modelled fingers - note the curved pinkie of the left hand.

Fine facial features and beautifully patterned hair.

Long lobes to ears.

Bare right arm with bracelets on the wrist.

Condition is good, especially considering the age.

The figure is lacking in glaze on the back, but since there is no sign of damage there, it is possibly original to the piece.

There are a few chips/minor losses of negligible proportions.

Provenance: bought at an overseas branch of Sothebys
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