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Antique Chinese Export Silver Christening Mug Tankard Shagreen Case (4749)

Antique Chinese Export Silver Christening Mug Tankard Shagreen Case (4749)

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Antique Chinese Export Silver mug or small tankard in it's original English shagreen leather fitted case. Made circa 1850 by Custing, Canton, send-third quarter of the 19th century. 

Measurements: height of the case is a little over 4 inches. The mug/tankard is almost 3/4inches tall. Weighs 83 grams. 

Small tapered silver tankard or mug, as it is referred to in the book on Chinese Export Silver - the Chan Collection. Classic shape, if a little more elongated and elegant than most. Naturalistically formed handle in the shape of a gnarled branch. The body of the tankard is engraved and chased with a variety of Chinese figures in a variety of pursuits, amidst flowers, foliage and natural rocky outcrops. Very profuse and finely done. Great quality. Very beautiful. 

The English shagreen leather case is superb: quite fitted including part to hold the handle. Shagreen slightly faded to a lighter shade of brown, but gilded and black borders are still amazingly clear. The box is shaped like the tankard and has a hinge to swing the sides open/closed and a thumb bit to help open the box.

Purple silk in one half of the box is embossed with gold letters: Stephen Smith & Son over a pair of wings around 35 and beneath that King ? Covent Gardens. The other half of the inside is lined with marvellous, matching purple velvet. 

Hallmarked with CUT for Custing, who is listed as having worked in Canton 2nd-3rd quarter of the 19th century. 

Very good condition.

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