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Antique Brooch Pendant Earrings Diamonds Pink Topaz Gold Set w Appraisal (6306

Antique Brooch Pendant Earrings Diamonds Pink Topaz Gold Set w Appraisal (6306

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Antique very early Victorian demi parure jewelry set consisting of earrings brooch pendants. Pink topaz, diamonds, gold, silver. Made circa 1840. Believed to be English. Comes in two S.J. Phillips London boxes.

Measurements: Earrings approximately 1 3/8 inches (3.5cm) long. Brooch-pendants is approximately 2 3/8 inches (6cm) long. Combined weight is 21.1 grams. Total weight of topaz is 23.17ct. Total weight of diamonds is 3.21ct.

Description: Demi Parure consists of a matching pair of earrings and a brooch-pendant that can be worn either as a brooch with both or upper part or seperated and worn as a brooch and pendant or two pendants. Made of matching pink topaz, richly surrounded and highlighted by diamonds. As was the custom at the time, diamonds are set in silver, backed in gold.

Earrings: a small diamond surmount that is connected via a tiny loop to the large drops. This allows the drops to swing and sway as the wearer moves and thus draw the eye and catch the attention of the viewer. The drops are long oval pink topaz, gently faceted on the sides. They are surrounded by scrolling foliage and accents, set with diamonds. Backs of topaz are closed, as is typical of jewelry of this period. Wires/clasps of earrings are clearly 20th century replacements to accommodate a lady who did not have pierced ears.

The matching brooch-pendant: this is a wonderful example of jewelry that transforms from one type to another. It can be worn as a brooch, either with both or one part; as a brooch and pendant or as two pendants. In its entirety, it consists of a fan-shaped upper section like a stylised vase of flowers. This part is set with a large, oval topaz about double the size of those in the earrings. A further 3 pink topaz accent the bottom of scrolls. Lovely diamonds surround the topaz - a half ring around the top and scrolling foliage in an openwork setting connecting the other gems.

The lower section of the brooch-pendant is connected to the top half via a small loop, allowing it independant movement. This section echoes the earrings, but is quite significantly larger than the earrings.

The upper section has a pin (which may/not be original to the brooch) and a loop to hang it from a chain or ribbon. The lower section has a loop for suspending it as a pendant or enhancer.

The boxes from S.J. Phillips by Appointment to the British Royal House. This indicates who originally sold the set and the luxurious quality of the jewelry.

Metal: Gold was acid tested and stays very strongly for 14k (is probably 15k).

Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age. Negligible dents throughout and one larger dent to back of one earring (not visible when worn). Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

Independent appraisal available.

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