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Antique Arts Crafts / Nouveau 18k Gold Sapphire Pendant (3998)

Antique Arts Crafts / Nouveau 18k Gold Sapphire Pendant (3998)

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Antique pendant made of carved natural materials, 18 carat gold and set with a sapphire. Circa 1880-1900.

Measures 1 1/4 inches across widest part; 2 1/2 inches long, including the loop. Weighs approx. 15 grams.

Shaped like half an egg/an oval. A sturdy, wide loop suspends an openwork, sculpted design of scrolling ribbons, a bow in the center, set with a genuine sapphire. (tested on Presidium gemstone tester). Intricate and very interesting design. Below this is an arc of roses, made of solid gold , set between two arching gold bands. A buckle-shape constitutes most of the pendant. It is set with a 'natural material' relief carving of a pair of lovers embracing and kissing. The influence of the Pre-Raphaelite movement is clear in the flowing locks of the woman and the monkish, Renaissance style haircut of the youth. The couple is surrounded by carved flowers. They are clearly absorbed in their inner, personal reverie - eyes closed and arms twined around each other in a totally self-contained universe. Astonishing detail of the carving, both of the couple and the surrounding flowers, which are echoed in the floral, wide sleeve and her scrolling, flowing hair. The double gold frame is almost stark in comparison to the rich contents of the carved scene. Part of the natural, buttery color of the relief has been dyed a rich dark brown-black.

There are no hallmarks and no makers marks, but the gold does test for 18 carat and the stone is a genuine sapphire, even if it does not play a central part in the pendant.

Good condition. No damage/restoration.

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