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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Arts & Crafts Bracelet Gold Chrysoprase English Victorian (7383)

Antique Arts & Crafts Bracelet Gold Chrysoprase English Victorian (7383)

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Antique, Arts & Crafts - late Victorian bracelet. 9ct gold and chrysoprase. Made in England, circa 1885-1910.

Measurements: Weight is 12.4 grams. Length a tad under 7 inches (17-18cm) (not counting bar or safety chain).

Description : Fabulous bracelet in yellow gold mounts and wirework and leafy green chrysoprase. Graduated from the middle towards the sides, with the middle being the largest section. Circles of openwork gold borders enclose round gold mounts with cabochon chrysprase in the center. Gems of a lovely hue and well matched. Set in simple gold collets with ropework highlights around their circumference. Borders joined to centers via 4 golden globules, the sizes varying according to the size of the particular station (biggest in the middle).
Each round station is joined to the next one via elongated oval gold links. Alonside these links are little clusters of gold bubbles, that finish off the design and hold the eye. End stations continue the theme, but without the green gems.
A gold bar with round terminals (like a dumbell) slips into a loop at the end to close the bracelet.
In addition, there is a gold safety chain for additional security.
Great workmanship. Sophisticated simplicity. Timeless design, as modern and wearable today as it was well over 100 years ago.

Marks and Metal: No marks found. Gold tests at least 9ct.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

The Story: The Arts and Crafts movement combined the best of many worlds. On the one hand, we see great quality workmanship, design and craftsmanship as was the focus of the best Classic jewelry. On the other hand, we see new ideas, innovation and unique ideas pulling ahead of the crowd. This transitioned jewelry from the Old World to the Modern.

The lady who originally bought this bracelet over 100 years ago was making a huge statement about her strength of character, opinions and personality. Artistic and strong - a true leader.
The design and wonderful combination of colors, shape and form of this bracelet brilliantly reflect this shift. The fact that the artist used 9k gold has been serrendipitious as it is stronger than higher carat gold, looks just as good, but will resist the potential damage of time better than anything else. A true artistic statement of personal adornment.

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