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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Art Deco Ring Natural jade rubies 18k gold enamel Birmingham 1924 (7414)

Antique Art Deco Ring Natural jade rubies 18k gold enamel Birmingham 1924 (7414)

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Antique Art Deco ring. Jade, ruby, 18k gold, enamel. Made in Birmingham, England in 1924.

Measurements: Weight is 4.3 grams. US size a little under 7 3/4. Diameter of jade approximately 12-13mm.

Description : Great example of Art Deco jewelry. Simple gold shank with shoulders moulded in the form of Corinthian columns. A perfect circle forms the bezel with tiny protuberances above the shoulders of the shank. These are closed, square colettes with serrated pulled over edges, enclosing and holding tiny rubies. The outer borders of the circle are a skinny gold-edged rim with a narrow ribbon of black enamel within. Inside the entire bezel is composed of a beautiful, transluscent natural jade gem.
The strong geometric shapes, the strong contrast between complementary colors (red and green), offset subtly by gold and black are all typical of the purest Art Deco design.

Marks and Metal: Inside the shank has the following marks: Crown, 18, anchor and date letter z (for 1924). Makers mark is only partially legible: W?&S.

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Was probably resized in the past (with no detriment to the band). Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

THE STORY: From the minute I bought this ring (from a lady over 90 years old who is a passionate jewelry collector), it seemed to want to sit on my finger. This is a ring that appears to talk to you - from its pure design to the strong contrast in colors it communicates a sophisticated aesthetic. This ring knows what and who it is as will the next owner. It will draw the eye of anyone with the slightest sensitivity to art, color and stones and style. A true gem.


As an added bonus: the jade is believed to bring love, luck and health to the owner.

For a very impressive jade and ruby comparison, look for 'photos of the necklace, made by Cartier and sold to Barbara Hutton, the Woolworths millionairess, Million Dollar Baby, circa 1933 (almost a decade after this ring was made). The colors of this most expensive jade necklace ever sold at auction (sold for US$27.44million ) are identical to those of this ring: jadeite with ruby detail. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the necklace, which was bought back by Cartier in 2014 as part of their collection.

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