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Antique Art Deco Bangle Bracelet Gold Rubies coiling Snake expands (7147)

Antique Art Deco Bangle Bracelet Gold Rubies coiling Snake expands (7147)

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Antique Art Deco bangle bracelet. 19.2k gold and rubies. Made in Portugal, early 1900's (circa 1920's).

Measurements: Weight is 23.7 grams.

Description : A crossover bangle with one terminal as the head of the snake and the other being the tail. The two ends cross over one another and the tail coils and loops around itself. They can be pulled apart to facilitate your wrist/fist. Head and tail are textured and realistically moulded in the form of natural scales of varying shapes and sizes, very much like a real snake. The eyes are round, bright red rubies. Body is a simple gold band that arches and rolls over on the inside to give some extra strength to the gold and soften the edges. Gold of body is a slightly redder shade of gold than the head and tail, which are more yellow. The ends connecting head and tail to the body are raised gold rectangles calibre set with calibre cut rubies of the same intense red as the eyes. Workmanship is beautiful. the snake is extremely elegant. It is versatile in size because the two ends separate and can be opened to accommodate a wrist of varying sizes.

Marks and Metal: There are two hallmarks on the outside of the bangle. Portugal uses the highest standard of gold in all of Europe - 19.2k (while at most, other Europeans used 18k).

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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