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Antique American Brilliant Cut Glass Butter Plate & Dome Butter Dish (5255)

Antique American Brilliant Cut Glass Butter Plate & Dome Butter Dish (5255)

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 Antique American Brilliant Cut Glass Butter dish and dome. Made circa 1880-1910 USA.


Measurements: diameter of undertray is approx 7 3/4 inches. Dome is very slightly under 5 inches in diameter and a little under 5 1/2 inches high.


Undertray: deep scalloped border with sharp tooth edges. A small 8-sided star in the center of the dish with a rich variety of detailed patterns. Pointed arches within each scallop, contain rows of stars within stars. The arches alternate with even bigger stars (also containing smaller examples) and set above fans of pointy foliage. Lots of intersecting lines of various depths. 

The dome has interlaced, overlapping patterns with arcs and triangles, all beautifully detailed with various patterns, including stars that match those of the undertray. Round, faceted finial. 

Quality of the cutting is superb. The glass gleams and shines like diamonds. Fabulous workmanship and quality product. 

Marks: I found no marks on either piece. 

Condition: No damage of any sort was found. 

Please enquire about the identical item - we have two of them. Possibly Libbey or Hawkes??

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