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Antique Royal Worcester Seascape Plate Raymond Rushton (3360)

Antique Royal Worcester Seascape Plate Raymond Rushton (3360)

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Royal Worcester plate with handpainted, artist signed seascape / naval theme.

Made in England, 1917.

Scalloped flower shaped plate with moulded folds.

Measures 8 1/2 inches accross.

Gold rim.

The surface of the plate is very delicately painted with a seascape - seagulls hover above a buoy bobbing in the water, sailboats / yaghts in full sail and a small rowboat / tug on the horizon.

On the right, we see the beginnings of cliffs.

Clouds scudding accross a light sky.

Raymond Rushton, born 1886, was considered one of the best artists at the WOrcester factory in the first half of the 20th century (he retired 1953).

He won National art prizes and was very highly acclaimed.

The plate is marked on the back with the Royal Worcester mark in puce (purple).

It is in good condition with no damage/restoration.
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