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Antique Georgian Worcester Dr Wall Porcelain Tea Bowl Saucer (3694)

Antique Georgian Worcester Dr Wall Porcelain Tea Bowl Saucer (3694)

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Antique Georgian porcelain lot consisting of two tea bowls and a plate / saucer. Made in Worcester, England, during the so-called Dr Wall period 1755 - 1783. 


Measurements: Saucer is 4 1/2 inches diameter and 3/4 inches high;

Larger bowl is 3 inches diameter and 1 3/4 inches high;

Smaller bowl is 2 3/4 inches diameter and 1 1/2 inches high.


All pieces are blue and white. They each have a double border of two concentric rings on the upper rim.

The saucer, much like a shallow bowl (the custom was to drink the tea from the saucer, which therefore had curved sides, like a bowl) is very richly decorated in a Chinese influenced pattern with pavilions, fences, flowers, pagods, insects, rocks and flying birds. Great detail and variety. The mark underneath the saucer is the crescent moon with cross-hatching. There are other impressed marks, which are either meaningless or we do not know their significance. There is a tiny kiln crack on the rim of the saucer - see 'photos.

The larger of the two cups has deep blue floral decoration with butterflies flitting amongst the flowers. The flowers include roses, morning glory and other typical flowers from an English garden. A small flower nestles at the inside bottom of the bowl. The mark underneath is a solid crescent moon. There are one or two minute fleabites on the bottom rim of this bowl - quite negligible considering the age of the piece. (see 'photos).

The smaller of the two bowls has a flow blue decoration that includes flowers, grassy knolls and landscape and even two flow blue birds near a Chinese pagoda and landscape. It also has a small flower in the inside of the bowl. There is a wide range of shades of blue on this particular piece. The mark underneath is an open crescent. One or two negligible fleabites on the bottom rim.

General condition is very good.

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