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Antique Earrings 14k Gold Enamel Diamonds Ouroboros Snake Day Night Russian(6845)

Antique Earrings 14k Gold Enamel Diamonds Ouroboros Snake Day Night Russian(6845)

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Antique Victorian ouroborus earrings ear pendants. 14k gold, diamonds, enamel. For date, please see description below.

Measurements: Weight is 5.3 grams. A little under 1 1/2 inches (3.75cm) long.

Description : Wonderful Day/night Top/Drop earrings or ear pendants. The hinged surmounts with wires threading through the ear from back to front, indicating that they are original to the period, which is quite rare. Front of tops are in the form of a snake with engraved detail on the head and rosecut diamonds as eyes and detail on head. When clicked into place, the snakes form an ouroboros or snake consuming it's tail - a symbol of infinite life. The surmounts can be worn alone by day for a simpler look or with the entire ear pendant drop. Hence the name day/night or top/drop.

Drops with simple loop attaching them to the tops swing and sway as the wearer moves, adding to interest and eye-catching detail. They are wonderful rounded and elongated forms with diagonal, twisting decoration in white and blue gold and extremely fine engraved detail. A raised border about 3/4 way up with further exquisitely fine scrolls and foliage engraved on the surface.

Date: Originally, based on the drops, the earrings were dated to circa 1850. However, we have learned that long before this, during the 18th century, earrings with snake head surmounts were made in Russia.  Therefore, we are dating the earrings to the late 18th - mid 19th century.  Please see last picture for an example of an 18th century Russian earring with snake head top. 

Workmanship is wonderful and has a fabulous look. Light weight makes them comfortable to wear.

Marks and Metal: One of the earrings has a 56 mark (used in Russia to indicate 14k gold), but the town/other marks are not legible. Gold was acid tested to ensure metal purity.

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age including minor enamel loss. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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