Why antique Jewelry?

Why antique Jewelry?



Our first blog posts will question: Why antique jewelry?
What's wrong with something brand new?
If I'm paying more, how is that a good investment?
What does this tell people about me?
How does this benefit me?

You could have a fun day in la-la-land, shopping at your local mall or online. Buy yourself new shoes, makeup, dresses, shirts and before you get home, forget all about them. Most of these items will arrive in the mega landfills that western consumers have created in third world countries - unwanted stuff that is clogging up our planet. It was meaningless, you threw out your money and it had negative effects on our planet.

On the other hand, you could buy or just look at antique jewelry. You will:
learn about history. Antique jewelry is a lesson in the past. We need to understand the way people lived in days gone by and what was happening in their world in order to understand why jewelry at that time looked the way it did. 

We learn about society and many other issues - a little knowledge and a little mind exercise can only benefit us all.
Antique jewelry is a physical link to the past and the people who came before us. How wonderful to consider the ladies and gentlemen who bought or gave this jewelry, took care of it and passed it down. Jewelry was often used to mark life events and religious holidays.  We learn that we are a link in the generations - between those who came before and those who will come after us.

Antique jewelry is a great investment. This is a huge subject and I'm sure to write whole blog posts on it. In short, unlike the stock or real estate markets, antique jewelry is almost always on an upwards trajectory. No matter how much you pay, you did well. Enjoy your jewels and suddenly, a few years later, they are worth double what you paid.

Antique jewelry is all hand made and made in an age when craftsmen were really artists, having undergone rigorous training. They took tremendous pride in their work. It was not all about the profit in dollars, but the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. Your antique jewels are really wearable works of art. (compare to something new: shoddy workmanship, every shortcut imaginable, mass produced).

Most pieces of antique jewelry are unique. You are unique. Why wear what everyone else is wearing just because of that little world 'trend'? It makes no sense. You want to express your individuality and your mood. As Madeleine Albright said: Read my brooch. This first USA Secretary of State used her jewelry to convey a message to world leaders. She wrote a whole book about it. 

All this is not to say that there are no pitfalls. In the future, we may discuss some of them and how to avoid them. How to successfully shop online, what to avoid and even who to avoid.

Welcome to the magic and fun world of beauty, art and history with a bit of cash thrown in to keep it real.



Related to all of the above, antique jewelry will bring a smile to your face. It will make you happy.
In this crazy world, what could be better? 


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