Antique Georgian Diamond brooch


As I write, masses of world leaders are meeting in the UAE to discuss ways of reducing climate change. Politicians who will talk about painless ways of reducing our carbon footprint. "Lip service", "hypocrites", are two words that spring to mind and we all know just how little will come of it. But the subject is important. Very.

We got it wrong. Our generation has not done the planet proud. Our priorities were not always in good order.
Young people today are passionate about the climate and saving our planet.
There are a ton of very good reasons to look at antique jewelry before you go shopping for anything else.
For thoughtful people, especially savvy youth, with a global conscience, antique jewelry ticks many boxes, the most important of which is: ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Minerals and metals were sourced over 100 years ago. At that time, invasive mining methods that poison the earth for miles and kill off everything living from plants to animals, leaving the aboriginal population destitute, was not a thing. Many gems were alluvial - you picked them up in dry river beds. You might dig, but only as far as a spade took you. None of the processes were mechanized.

These raw materials were fashioned into pieces of wearable art by people who cared more for their craft and getting it just perfect than the bottom dollar/mass production. After that, the jewelry was in effect RECYCLED. Mother passed on her jewels to daughters, who enjoyed them, took care of them and then passed them on to their daughters. We usually count a generation as approximately 30 years. So antique jewelry, based on at least 100 years, will have passed through the love and care of at least 3 generations; often many more.                                                                  

I don't personally approve of unnecessary consumption. I don't buy new clothes to suit the latest fashion when my old ones are perfectly fine. I do believe that we should enrich our lives with art and beauty. We all need something lovely to uplift our spirits.

No MORAL DILEMMA: Antique jewelry is a wise and politically correct investment that will bring you and yours joy for generations without adversely affecting anyone or anything. With a beautifully clean conscience, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful pieces of wearable art ever made.



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