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Antique Jewelry is for ALL sexes (post 247)

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I admit that I am a politically incorrect dinosaur. I simply can't keep up with the demands on correct usage of our language in the modern world. Suddenly, the most innocuous sentence results in a cacophony of anger and censure. Yet again, I've managed to offend someone out there. It's gone so far that I've basically given up trying to avoid these minefields of common language.
So, taking a big breath, I will write what I have observed and you are welcome to express your wrath and condemnation to me in an email. I apologise in advance.

What I've noticed is a welcome trend to soften and blur the lines separating the genders. All sexes welcome and all versions of all genders. Soon there won't be enough letters in the alphabet to describe the 'minority'
LGBTQIA+ Is anyone left out? I'm glad of all this and even more delighted about at least one of the side-effects thereof. We are seeing men (and all variations of the word) wear lots and lots of jewelry.
For way too long, jewelry has been the prerogative of, dare I use the word? "Women".

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Google Men wearing jewelry and you are in for a big surprise! Men with any and every adjective attached to them. Across the board!

I expected to find a few stick pins, maybe a pinky ring, but what I got was so many necklaces that I didn't even search the aforementioned. Not just gold chains. Layered chains and layered necklaces. A whole bunch of pictures of men wearing strings of pearls over their sweaters. Of course, lots of old chains going from breast to side pocket, but that was a given. In a world of gender-pushing-boundaries, I thought Unisex was enough. Clearly, I'm quite out of touch with reality. It's not just some jewelry that can be - grudgingly - worn by men. It's all jewelry of all types.

They look gorgeous. Reminds me that men were the original peacock sex; men are the ones who wore the ruffles while women were veiled and covered. From my limited, narrow perspective, it looks as though we are on a marvellous upswing to exciting new times in the world of jewelry.

How are necklaces being worn by men? A few of them nestling above a very low-cut shirt; a chain or two or more nestling over a pullover; long pendant necklaces with or without gems, beads - like a pouch under the jacket.

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A tad more conventionally, men are wearing a lot of brooches. Brooches adorn almost every part of the upper torso and arms. Worn on hats, belts, sleeves. Gorgeous.

Do brooches have to match tattoos? Perhaps one could match a butterfly tattoo on the chest to a butterfly brooch on the lapel.
Sport your beloved pet dog - yes, but so obvious. Also obvious are brooches featuring your beloved car, plane or sport. They exist. (and we have them).

In line with the new flamboyancy of the y-gene, diamonds and other sparkly gems glitter and gleam. The theme of the jewel is not as important as the glitz. Today's sophisticated generation does not contemplate anything less than the 'real deal', so no costume jewelry thank you. It's all the real deal. Real diamonds, real emeralds, real rubies and sapphires.

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What's amazing is how this fabulous jewelry is taken as a given. So blase that we need not even comment, but without a doubt the jewels are there. And boy, are they fabulous!

And that is the message: Shine, it's your G-d-given right, shine, shine, shine...


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