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Krementz Antique Art Nouveau brooch pendant 14k gold enamel diamond Lily (7262)

Krementz Antique Art Nouveau brooch pendant 14k gold enamel diamond Lily (7262)

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Antique Art Nouveau brooch pendant. 14k gold, enamel and small diamond. Made circa 1900 in Newark, New Jersey, USA by Krementz.

Measurements: Weight is 10.6 grams. Diamond approximately 0.08ct. Total distance from side to side is 1 1/4 inches (3.25cm approx).

Description : Classic Art Nouveau naturalistic, romantic pendant brooch. Water lilies were a popular subject during that period and this brooch pendant features a central large water lily leaf surrounded by twining branches of gold, lily buds and a large water lily. The flower in full bloom is entirely 3-dimentional with every petal modelled and enamelled individually. The center of the water lily is a small diamond. Water lilies are enamelled in a creamy-pink and green. Some areas are covered in thicker enamelling, which shades and thins to areas where the gold is visible through the enamel. This adds to the organic, naturalistic appearance of the lily pad jewel. Asymmetry also adds to the naturalism of the design.

The back has a typical hinged pin and clasp. There is a sturdy wire looping hook from which it can be hung as well as the gold wire loops above the leaf, which can also serve to thread a chain or ribbon.

Krementz was a leading American jewelry manufacturer during the 19th century. Their work, especially in the Art Nouveau style, is keenly sought after today, with increasing demand, as good quality antique jewelry becomes scarcer.

Marks and Metal: Clasp of the pin has 14k and Krementz & Co Makers Mark.  

Condition: Generally good condition. The enamel shades in and out intentionally. There is a small area on the left part of the large leaf where it could be slightly more worn, which could be part of the shaded enamel design. It is not noticeable to my naked eye. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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