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Georgian Set Gold Pink Topaz Earrings Bracelets Necklace Pendant Brooch (7166)

Georgian Set Gold Pink Topaz Earrings Bracelets Necklace Pendant Brooch (7166)

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Antique Georgian Cannetille Jewelry Set Parure including Necklace, Earrings, Pair of Bracelets, Pendant-Brooch with locket. 18k Gold and Pink Topaz. Made in England circa 1820 - 1830. Antique fitted box.

Earrings: Weight is 9.4 grams. Length is 1 5/8 inches (4.5cm).
Necklace including brooch/pendant: Weight is 45.7 grams. 16 1/2 inches (42cm) long; Drop including necklace to bottom is 2 3/4 inches (7cm); pendant/brooch alone just under 2inches (5cm).
Bracelets: Weight is 26.4 grams. Each is 7 1/8 inches (17.0cm) long.

Description : Cannetille gold work with filigree gold wires coiling around itself to create fine, little cones of gold. Tiny gold baubles, known as granulation adorn each swoop of this gold filigree and surrounds each gemstone.
Gems are pink topaz. Closed at the back, entirely in richest deep yellow gold. Topaz are gently faceted and held in collets with serrated tooth-like top edges.
Necklace and pair of bracelets consist of stations, with each station containing an oval pink topaz, surrounded by gold cannetille work. The stations are connected via a series of 3 loops - one on each side is simple, with a slightly larger loop composed of minute gold wirework. Alternating with the simple stations are more complex, beautiful flowers of pink topaz, surrounded by the same rich cannetille. Stations of the front and side of the necklace with identical drops that fall vertically to the horizontal sections.

The central, flower section of the necklace accommodates a pendant in the shape of a cross, that can easily be removed. It has a pin and clasp, so can be worn seperately as a brooch. It is composed of an oval center surrounded by gold work and the 4 generous arms, each with flowers in pink and gold.

Earrings with surmounts of round pink topaz centers and radiating granulation - like a sunburst. Connected via links to long, torpedo shaped drops set with elongated pear-shapes in the center, a trio of round stones at the bottom and all enclosed in filigree and granulation. Links allow drops to swing and sway as the wearer moves.

Removable pendant/brooch can be worn seperately or attached to the necklace. Hinged pin with c-clasp. It has a small, square compartment at the back which would have been used as a locket.

Topaz gleam as the light catches them. Today, pink topaz has become exceedingly rare and desireable.
Cannetille of the finest, tiny design and workmanship that was only made during the late Georgian period (during the reign of George IV, 1820 - 1830). Later cannetille, even from the Victorian era is usually much heavier than this work, which can never be reproduced. Absolute top quality workmanship. Astonishing condition. The attention to minute details that can barely be seen (such as the detail to the connecting loops), indicates that from the beginning, no expense in time or money was spared to make this fabulous set.

Tongue in groove clasps to bracelets and necklace are original and in good working condition.
Clips of earrings are later, 20th century replacements. They make the earrings suitable for non-pierced ears and are so comfortable to wear and easy to slip on, that we are not going to change them back to wires.
Security chains on bracelets with lovely delicate, patterned links might have age or might be later additions, but the jump loop closures of these chains are certainly 20th century.

Fitted box appears to be antique. It is missing the hooks to close it, but otherwise in good shape to secure the jewelry safely in place and display it beautifully. Embossed in gold on the silk lid: N. BLOOM & SON 40 Albemarle Street London W1. (Established 1912). These are antique dealers who must have sold the set when it was already antique, possibly 100 years ago.

Marks and Metal: No marks, as is to be expected of jewelry of this age. Gold was electronically tested to ensure metal purity.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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