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Boxing Memorabilia Daniel Mendoza Georgian Gold Cameo Ring Intaglio Unisex (6666)

Boxing Memorabilia Daniel Mendoza Georgian Gold Cameo Ring Intaglio Unisex (6666)

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Pugilist Boxing memorabilia Antique Georgian man's ring commemorating a boxing match fight won by Daniel Mendoza. Carved carnelian intaglio cameo set in 14k gold mount. Fight was 1790 and ring made shortly after that. Gentleman's jewelry / Man's ring. 


Measurements: US size 11 1/2. Length of bezel is just under 1 1/4 inches (28mm). Width of bezel is 1inch (23mm). Weight is 16.4 grams.


Description : Daniel "The Jew" Mendoza (July 5, 1764 - Sept. 3, 1836) was the British bare knuckle boxing champion. Mendoza was undefeated and a great boxing innovator who successfully defended his title before losing to John “Gentleman” Jackson on April 15, 1795. This ring is clearly after a water color painting with the pugilists in identical poses. Like most intaglios, intended to be seen in reverse, the scene must be seen horizontally reversed. See pictures.The image used was drawn by C.R.Ryley and engraved by I.Grozer, depicting a fight between Daniel Mendoza and Richard Humphries that took place at Doncaster September 29th 1790. The ring, copied from the engraving was very possibly made for Mendoza himself as he was the victor in this match.


The ring: Rectangular in shape with canted corners, this is a large, very solid ring. The large gold mount is bright engraved with scrolls and foliage, typical of Georgian workmanship. The bezel is set with a large transluscent carnelian gemstone. It is superbly carved with a boxing match scene. Two sparring men, both with bare upper bodies, wearing baggy boxing shorts, fists raised, squatting low. One man faces the viewer, the other with his back to the viewer, but looking sideways, so that we can see his features as well. Naturalistic and very well done carving with fine detail. Beautifully depicted, muscular bodies, baggy shorts hint at the movement and power of their wearers. Rippling muscles and focused eyes. Finely depicted heads. The subject matter is extremely rare and the execution is totally masterful with excellent qualitly cutting and engraving.


Knowing the identity of the boxers makes this cameo ring especially rare. While doing research, we discovered that the late actor, Peter Sellers was the great great grandson of Daniel Mendoza and he kept a picture of his ancestor on his dressing room walls. The protagonist of the book, A Conspiracy of Paper, by David Liss is loosely based on Daniel Mendoza. Daniel Mendoza and his famous boxing matches of the 18th century are also referred to in the Classic Movie, The Scarlet Pimpernel, in which the Pimpernel and the King are seen watching and gossiping along other dignitaries of the time at a Mendoza boxing match. This ring is a true piece of history.


Marks: 14k stamped inside the shank may be a later mark. We tested the stone with a Presidium gem tester.


Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. There is light scuffing to the surface of the carnelian, as is to be expected of a ring of this age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


Many, many thanks to Jim and Stephen, who told us all of this important information.



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