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Antique Victorian Ring 18k Gold Big Amethyst Diamonds Unisex Man or Woman (7124)

Antique Victorian Ring 18k Gold Big Amethyst Diamonds Unisex Man or Woman (7124)

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Antique Victorian ring. 18k gold, amethyst and diamonds, silver. Made late 19th century. Exact origin unknown. Suitable for a man or a woman. Independent appraisal.

Measurements: Weight is 8.6 grams. US size 8 (a tad under). Length of bezel is 7/8 inch (23mm). 9.38ct amethyst. 1.10ct diamonds.

Description : A large ring that makes a statement. The bezel consists of a large, oval amethyst, gently faceted, with great purple color. Enclosed in a gold collet setting with simple perpendicular, parallel engraved lines. The amethyst is held above the level of a ring of diamonds that circles it. Diamonds are Old European cuts. The whole is raised above the finger by an openwork, looping grid that allows light to enter from behind the gems. A broad, simple shank. An oval gold loop adds additional support and raises the ring further above the finger. Contrast between deep purple, gold and diamonds is sure to draw the eye. Very subtle. The large size of the ring and deep color of the purple add to its visual appeal and make it suitable for a man or a woman. Rings with amethysts of this size are often referred to as Bishop's rings. We don't know who originally owned this ring, so it's impossible to make this claim, but it is entirely possible.

Marks and Metal: No marks were found. We acid tested the gold, which stays very strongly for 14k.

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. Independent appraisal available to new owner. (value $8640.00)

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