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Antique Suffragette Pendant Brooch gold amethyst demantoid pearls enamel (7269)

Antique Suffragette Pendant Brooch gold amethyst demantoid pearls enamel (7269)

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Antique early 20th century brooch pendant. 15ct gold, amethyst, demantoid garnet, pearls and enamel. Comes in original, fitted box. Made in England, United Kingdom circa 1910-1918.

Measurements: Weight is 6.0 grams. Length, including the bale is approximately 1 1/4 inches (33mm). Not including the bale length is 7/8 inch (22mm).

Description : Versatile jewel that can be worn as a brooch or a pendant. Matching bale (loop) is large enough to hold a large chain and can be used as an enhancer on a necklace. The quatrefoil shape echoes the Gothic style that was very popular with jewellers at the turn of the last century such as Carlo Giuliano and Wiese. 4 lobes mounted in ridged gold mounting a border of small pearls, believed to be natural pearls, enclosing an inner quatrefoil of white enamel with black dots, also highly reminiscent of Carlo Giuliano, who used this combination of white enamel and black dots almost as a signature.
At the cardinal points within each lobe are bright green demantoid garnets, set in similarly ridged mounts to the border of the pearls. They appear to float in space and hold, in their center a gold, ridged mount set with a round deep purple amethyst. Very bright green.
Back shows the quality of the workmanship and high technical care and skill of the jeweller. It has a hinged pin with a secure clasp so that the pendant can be worn as a brooch.  
Suffragette jewelry was made to identify women of the Suffragette movement, demanding the right to vote for women in Great Britain, at that time. The colors green, white and violet were used as a code for the phrase Give Women the Vote (GWV being the initials of each word). Thus, without saying anything, women with similar political aspirations could identify one another.
Since it was made during a very short period, it is extremely scarce and highly sought after today.
This jewel is fantastic in its own right (besides the political message), being beautifully made, with fabulous use of colors and materials. The design is very pleasing and its versatility speaks for itself. Striking and wearable. A marvellous and rare example of its kind.
The pendant brooch comes in its original, hinged, fitted box - leather with embossed gold outside, satin upper lid and velvet fitted bottom inside.

Marks and Metal: Both the back of the brooch pendant and the bale are marked 15ct.
The top of the box, inside, is embossed in gold: HALL & CO Diamond Merchants 66 King Street Manchester.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Enamel in very good condition, with no wear/losses. Box in very good shape as well. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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