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Antique Georgian Empire earrings gold enamel pearls squirrels Sicilian 18C(7300)

Antique Georgian Empire earrings gold enamel pearls squirrels Sicilian 18C(7300)

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Antique Georgian / Empire boat earrings. Gold, enamel, pearls. Made in Sicily, Italy, 18th century - approx 1780.

Measurements: Weight is 7.3 grams. Approximate length from top of hoop to bottom of lowest fringe is 1 3/4 inches (3.5cm). Top of squirrel to bottom of 'boat' is just under 1 inch (2cm).

Description : Rare ship earrings with a squirrel perched on each ship. Boat earrings from the 18th century were known as navicella (translation of ships), which is not surprising as the Sicilians were occupied with fishing and boats at the time. Ship earrings were made by other ancient seafaring nations since the Bronze Age.
Squirrels were symbolic in Christianity as well as Ancient mythology.
Boat shape on front and back of the earrings with polychrome enamel. The squirrels detailed from front and flat at back.
Fringes of seed pearls and gold add length and movement to the earrings.
Simple catch at the front - the wires were typically made to be threaded through the lobe from back to front.
Polychrome enamel is black, white, dark blue, light blue, red detail.
We have shown a collection of similar 18th century earrings from the museum at the Castle at Castelbuono, in Sicily. Apologies for the blurry quality of the 'photos, which are taken through the windows, with poor lighting.
While these earrings are very rare (this pair was actually requested by a museum exhibition), they are highly wearable almost 250 years after they were made.
Beautifully made, fun and sophisticated all at once.

Marks and Metal: There is a line of minute marks on the wires, but they are both too tiny to be legible and too obscure to be known to us. We tested the gold both electronically as 12k.

Condition: Wear and losses to enamel commensurate with age. A split in the gold at the back of one earring where it cannot be seen when worn. Pearls are possibly replacements, but too small to be tested. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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