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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Georgian earrings gold amethyst ear pendants Portuguese Iberian (7268)

Antique Georgian earrings gold amethyst ear pendants Portuguese Iberian (7268)

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Antique Georgian earrings ear pendants. Gold and amethyst. Made in the Iberian Peninsula, most likely Portugal, 18th century.

Measurements: Weight is 9.8 grams. 1 3/8 inches (34mm) long, not including the wires.

Description : A marvellous and wearable pair of earrings dating to the 18th century.
Small, roundish, flat surmounts through which the wires pass, ending in golden globules in the front that hold the wires in place. This is followed by a collet-set round amethyst with a smaller pair of similar amethysts forming an openwork, sturdy connection to the bottom section - a square or cushion shaped amethyst, set in a gold collet. Ridged edge and modelled, engraved sides of the gold.
Since the amethysts are closed at the back, as was the custom during that period, the amethysts show up as a lovely deep purple. They contrast beautifully with the rich, old gold.

The back of the earrings is fascinating : we can see the handmade technique of metalwork used about 250 years ago in the folds of gold and handmade gold rivets. Just as fascinating are the engraved designs on the back of the bottom segment, with circles, radiating lines and cross-hatching. We don't know what these designs represent.

Wires are almost certainly later replacements, but are easy to insert and comfortable to wear.

The gold is clearly very old with a rich patina created over hundreds of years. We do not recommend polishing it as the patina is part of the unique charm of these earrings.
After approximately 250 years, these earrings are still as elegant and attractive as they were the day they were made. Highly wearable and versatile, they make a stunning addition to any collection. Best of all, they are extremely easy to insert and comfortable to wear.

Marks and Metal: No marks, as is to be expected of jewelry of this age. Gold of earrings was acid tested as 18ct. Wires tested as 12-14ct.

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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