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Antique Georgian / Earlier Gimmel Ring Gems Secret Compartments (5661)

Antique Georgian / Earlier Gimmel Ring Gems Secret Compartments (5661)

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Antique Gimmel Ring with 3 parts, partly joined together and partly linked and locked. When locked, they form a single band with colette-set floral gemstones.


Date: 15th - early 19th Century : These rings were made from the 15th century as engagement rings (see An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry); The table cut of the gemstones was the earliest form of gem-cutting known in Europe and hints at an early date.


Materials: the ring is made of gold and gemstones. The gold acid tests between 14 and 18k. The gems are not diamond or paste. According to our Presidium gem tester, gems could be aquamarine, tourmaline, rock crystal or other similar gems. Middle stone of central flower is amethyst.


Measurements: US size 9 3/4. Weighs 2.8grams.


Description: the ring has 3 parts eminating from the far end of the bezel. The two outer parts are ridged and each has a small colette-set, table-cut gemstone. Raising the sides reveals open secret compartments on either side of the flower-head bezel. Each of the sides has a minute 'hook' which attaches to the central flower. The latter turns and locks them in place. Large size of ring hints that it may have been worn over gloves.


Marks: Ram's head hallmark can be seen with magnification.


Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures. 

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