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Antique diamond necklace tiara 18k gold silver Appraised 12.67ct diamonds (7217)

Antique diamond necklace tiara 18k gold silver Appraised 12.67ct diamonds (7217)

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Antique late Victorian to early 20th century necklace that can convert to a tiara. 18k gold, silver and diamonds. European - bought from an extremely old Spanish noble family - see provenance below. Perfect for a special occasion, especially perfect for a bride.

Measurements: Weight is 54.5 grams. Total inner length is approximately 16 1/2 inches (42cm). 12.67ct diamonds. Professionally, independently appraised with diamonds as follows:
One Old European cut diamond 1.83ct;
One Old European cut diamond 2.02ct;
7 Old European cut diamonds 1.78ct;
70 Old European cut diamonds 3.39ct;
335 rose cut diamonds 3.65ct.
Please see appraisal shown in 'photos for all details.

Description : Many luxurious jewels of the late 19th - early 20th century, converted from one form to another. Here we have a tiara / necklace, currently to be worn as a necklace, but originally worn as a tiara. We have some old 'photos of brides from the family who sold it, many decades ago, wearing it as a tiara. It is currently only wearable as a necklace, since the tiara fittings are absent.

This necklace is extremely lavish and opulent. Rich with diamonds that form a patterned carpet of gems, reflecting a very generous budget of the original owner and a maker who didn't stint in any way to create a superb jewel.

Following the round curve of the neck in a scrolling curve from the sides and lowering towards the front are long swirls composed of ribbons of diamonds that end in a pair of really large Old European cut gems, weighing close on 4 carats alone. The terminals of these swirls are separated by the center in the form of a flower raised above foliage - all in diamonds and further highlighted with another 7 diamonds of intermediary size.
The diamond swirls are bordered along their tapering sides by a pattern of beautiful foliage and berries in an openwork design.

Diamonds are all set in silver to be shown off in better light as was the custom of the period (Victorian, Edwardian and Belle Epoque). The main body of the mount and part that would touch the wearer's skin are all in 18k gold.

The elaborate front tapers to a narrow line of diamonds which would fall on the side of the neck. Moving back from there is a long-linked chain of gold, each section joined by gold loops which allow for articulation and a good fit around the neck. We do not know whether the gold chain is original to the tiara/necklace.
Two small diamonds in box-shaped colettes are set near the clasp. Tongue-in-groove clasp. Safety chain for additional security on either side of the clasp.

All parts of the necklace are articulated, allowing the jewel to move and sit comfortably on the contours of the wearer's body.
Fabulous, very high quality workmanship. Nothing was spared to create a superior jewel. Where most tiaras have more space than gems, this one has a continuous body of diamonds with very little empty space between them.

Suitable for a special occasion, formal event and especially beautiful for a bride to wear at her wedding.

Provenance: this comes from the collection of a countess, herself descended from a very famous European family, actually commemorated in the 16th century by a well-known artist in a painting most of us would recognise. I will send the name of the previous owner to the new owner, but it is not appropriate to advertise her identity on the web.

Marks and Metal: no marks found. Gold was electronically tested as 18k.

Condition: Very good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Loupe shows one minute rosecut diamond missing near the narrow end of the diamond work. It can be easily replaced and does not impinge on the appearance of the necklace. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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