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Antique Brooch Demantoid Garnets Diamond Rubies Pearls Lizard Unisex (6864)

Antique Brooch Demantoid Garnets Diamond Rubies Pearls Lizard Unisex (6864)

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Antique Art Nouveau / Late Victorian tiny brooch. 14k yellow gold, demantoid garnets, diamond, rubies and pearls. Made circa 1895-1905. Unisex - suitable for a man or a woman.

Measurements: Weight is 2.2 grams. Approximately 1 inch (29mm) long.

Description : Tiny brooch in the form of a lizard or salamander. Like all of these reptiles, the legs are at right angles to the body. Wonderful curves to body and tail reflect the elongated curves of the Art Nouveau taste. There is a lot of movement in this wriggling little creature. It's body, head and legs are fantastically set with tiny gems: a central line of bright green demantoid garnets from Siberia in Russia immediately draw the eye. They are surrounded by tiny pearls which are also set into the legs, which end in finely modelled gold feet and toes. The head is set with a diamond in the center and tiny cabochon ruby eyes. Workmanship is amazingly fine and can really be appreciated when looking under magnification. The few parts of the body, such as the sides of the legs that are not gem-encrusted, are engraved with scaly, naturalistic details. The back surface has a simple etched lattice pattern. c-clasp. While very small, this is a fabulous example of Art Nouveau jewelry featuring demantoid garnets. It is highly versatile and can also be worn by both a man or woman. Demantoid garnets from Siberia are rare and highly sought after.

Marks and Metal: No marks. Gold was acid tested to ensure metal purity.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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